Tuesday, December 06, 2022

RKL - It's A Beautiful Feeling! EP 1984

Beautiful debut 7Inch by RKL (Rich Kids On LSD) from Montecito/California and they were associated with the "Nardcore" scene that evolved out of nearby Oxnard. Their music expanded over the years from West Coast Hardcore to a mix of Hardcore with Rock & Metal elements. This style, along with touring, made them very popular on the European scene, especially among skaters in the 1980s and 1990s. Formed 1982 and on this EP are Jason (vocals), Chris (guitars), Vince (bass), Bomber (drums) jamming, this seven sucker was released via Super Seven Records and the band's name came about as a mere fluke from some light hearted criticism. According to vocalist Jason in a 2002 interview with Thrasher magazine: “it happened that some guy said, 'ha, those kids will never be anything, they're just a bunch of Rich Kids On LSD, man.' The first party we played we didn't have a name for the band, so we put that one on the flier and it just stuck.” The beanie boy logo was born one night while Bomer and Jason were being tattooed. Bomer was attempting to draw a dragon pattern. On seeing the drawing, Jason commented, "Yeah dude, it's Cecil! Where's Beanie?" Dan Sites was sitting alongside drawing a flyer for a show supporting Suicidal Tendencies in Oxnard and drew a beanie guy jumping from a building. Beanie boy was born. They released six albums, a few compilations and three members are unfortunately no longer with us and you can read for yourself when and why. I had their Rock'N'Roll Nightmare record, but had to sell it early, a tragic loss. Well, what remains? R.K.L. had a vehement influence on the American underground scene and will not be forgotten, like many others.

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