Thursday, December 01, 2022

DIE AUTOS - Niemals! 7'' 1983

December also kicks off with a rare 7inch, and also based in Mönchengladbach are Die Autos, a duo consisting of Lloyd & Junge, and their only creative outpouring came out on the small Park Platten label (200 copies in green vinyl)which also threw the fantastic Pesthauch Des Dschungels compilation. My copy is the re-release on KillerReleaseRecords from 2001, this edition came handnumbered of 1000 copies, yellow vinyl and in sturdy fold-out poster sleeveThe special thing about side projects is that the actors let off steam musically and exploit other musical resources that sometimes lead to extremes and are far from what you are used to. Weird and experimental but also different and catchy. The two goodies from the Autos impress with their wavie rhythm that floats in a solid mid-tempo and provided with meaningful lyrics, and I would almost say, the record sounds like an early EA80 demo. Well, what am I supposed to keep talking? Anyone who appreciates the Gladbach sound will grab it without hesitation, everyone else should definitely do the same. Note: 'Slaughter' from the flip was 1991 re-recorded for the first Böse Hand EP (coming soon). Now enjoy the first delicacy of the Advent Calendar!

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