Wednesday, November 30, 2022

EA80 - 20 EP 1989

I say goodbye to the ugliest month of the year with a rarity from my favorite band: EA80. From this little sunshine were 200 copies made for the Birthday of a friend of the band and was then served as a ticket to the Party on 23.December 1989 and was never sold regularly; there are three different artworks, all copies are numbered. 'Twenty' is a typical provocative song that hardly any other combo can write: ass kicking, self-reflective, uncompromising and clear. 'Coming Down' is a tender thoughtful Christmas carol for everyone who didn't stay at home (or don't want to stay at home these days) and 'Dilettanten' was recorded live in the rehearsal room in the distant past (1983?) and is dedicated to all those who have no solution for everything and thus continue to make things worse, Hauptsache es macht Spaß! Innovative and pithy as ever and enjoyable at any time.