Thursday, August 18, 2022

YOUTH BRIGADE - Come Again 12'' 1992

Good news first, my turntable is working again and I'm excited. Was thinking of buying a new one but there is a repair shop in my town that solved my problem within two days. And for a blogger or ripper there is nothing more terrifying than a broken turntable, believe me. A positive intro which leads me seamlessly to the next post and it's the splendid comeback mini album by Youth Brigade on BYO Records after the split up in 1987. And these six Nuggets have it all, melodic fast and catchy songs, and if sounding great isn't enough, these brothers are pioneers and legends of the independent record label society and one of the finest Hardcore combos to emerge from Los Angeles during the Punk era. Still active as far as I know, even though the last album (the split record with Swingin' Utterscame out over twenty years ago. Now enjoy this little triumph at breakfast!

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