Wednesday, 17 August 2022

V/A- ABC Hardcore 82 EP 1994

Einer geht noch and we go extreme and enjoy a delicious Hardcore board of Brazilian subculture. This record came out via ABC Records and has original demos compiled which were come from practice garage sessions between 1981 and 1982. The few recordings that remains from a golden era that will never returns. You will see how great they were, but unluckly they didn't have the opportunity to be released before. There's no remasterization or digital overdubs or any studio farces. ABC Records brings you the original energy from those hard sessions. Authentic and unpolished! Comes with an extra insert with infos in english to every combo. Superb!

1.Câncer - HINO MORTAL
2.Desiquilíbrio - HINO MORTAL
3.Militar - ULSTER
4.Cafetão - SUBMUNDO
5.Não Violencia - CORTE MARCIAL
6.Liberdade - CORTE MARCIAL

- Great Thx again to Fredrik -

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