Saturday, July 30, 2022

V/A - It's A Youth Explosion! Vol.1 2020

Dear followers & visitors, there is a new little series from Heavy Soul Records and what the creators are unveiling here is first class stuff that is pretty close to the KBD compis, and yes, even better because most of the songs are unreleased, jaja... and described as follows: Fourteen rare & unreleased tracks taking in all that was good from 1977-1984ish. You get Punk, New Wave, and Mod revival all within the amazingly created artwork from Alf Button's Revenge. All fully remastered from a whole source of different formats to create a sound crispier than a bag of Wotsits! The names may not be familiar, but the "Sounds From The Street" created will certainly take you back to when all you needed in life was an LP by The Damned, Clash or Jam and a guitar, bass and drums. All original tracks, by a whole range of musical talent. So a perfect gathering of unearthed classics, limited edition is to be specified but no one knows how many copies were actually pressed... who cares!

1.Circa 2 - THE LIMPS
3.30 Seconds - PATROL
4.Bright New Future - THE MEDIA
5.Let Me Show You Love - BACKSTAGE PASS
7.Phone You - SLEEPERS
8.Lambs To The Slaughter - MIDNIGHT HOUR
9.Just A Dream - REACTION
10.One Of The Boys - THE DETOURS
11.She Don't Know - THE FACE
12.Dance Step Beat - THE MOD-L'S
13.Sound Of Today - STATION 360
14.In The Crowd - THE PLOY

- Great Thx to Bristolboy -


  1. This is the shit I live for, thanks friend! I love this blog so much

    1. mercí fou your comment Luc, you're always invited!