Thursday, 7 July 2022

FRESHLY RIOTS - Perhaps Demo 1982

Yeah Yeah Yeah, this record blows you off your couch and is an absolute must for demo fans, and the Vikings are always welcome in my castleI'm talking about Freshly Riots, a five piece founded in the brisk 1980 in Gedsted (North Jutland) and Perhaps is their second demo which was originally released on their Bondeskiver Records. The American label Queer Pills thought, it would be good for us to recall these valuable and rough recordings and so this fantastic record was created in an edition of 500 copies, thereof 100 in gray vinyl. A short official description: "Awesome dissonant music with elements of raw chaotic 60s garage psych. Instantly familiar and catchy but also dark and ominous and weirdly chaotic and unnerving." That's exactly right I would say. Their first EP followed in the same year and then their famous Hope album (1984), which had a different, more wavy sound but without losing their Punk roots. By mid-1984 they shortened their name to FRESHLY and a demo with two songs (both on Rot Records' Rot In Hell compilation, coming soon) came then in 1985. A year later their last big experiment Air (Quoth She) followed, on which they appear in a completely different guise and then at some point they broke up to merge into other bands. What remains, one of the best combos from Denmark and always worth a short break.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

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