Wednesday, 22 June 2022

ŠVINDL - Falešný Zprávy EP 2018

Another exotic discovery is the following combo: Švindl. A young combo from Litomerice, Czech Republic and the boys play refreshing mid-tempo punk and this is their second EP with five cocktails which are available for free on their bandcamp site. The reason I'm posting them here? Well, good new Punkrock is rare these days and this young band deserves attention in my opinion. On the one hand they do their job excellently, on the other hand, who ever looks at the Czech Republic? I honestly don't. Their musical outpourings are only available digitally, no vinyl. Apparently it's difficult to find a label, which may be due to the Czech lyrics, but that's exactly what I find very charming, I don't understand anything, but I concentrate more on their sound and that kicks ass, really recommendedCheck them out, it's worth!


  1. hi, i've been a dedicated follower of your blog for some years and would like to tell you that i also have a band (we're from portugal) and would be very pleased if you would listen to it - the name of the band is democrash, we just launched our third album.
    please take a look at it (and to the revious ones) at our bandcamp page:
    if you want i can send you the mp3 files for your review. cheers

    1. nun, just send me the first record from 2015 if possible.

    2. yes, where to?

  2. please send me an adress (via message on democrash fb page if you prefer)

  3. hi, i have sent them just now via myairbridge. thanks