Thursday, June 23, 2022

PITFALL - Separation EP 1981

Four piece from the Holland with their only record on Re-Records, we're talking about Pitfall from Wijk Bij Duurstede, a tranquil little town south of Utrecht, and they consisted of Haiko (vocals/bass), André (guitars), Corina (bass/vocals), Frans (drums) and in 1980 they released a C60 Tape via Finger In The Dyke, together with Six Minute War and this fucker contains thirty-one blasts which were recorded live by two concerts each band. I guess only a few know about the existence of this bloody cassette and so almost nobody reached this little work of art, including me. Seperation isn't a wavebreaker but a nice record with five goodies with female/male vocals and I like that. Compilations featuring the band: Cumstains Over My Record CollectionUtreg Punx 1978-1982Here we go...

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