Sunday, June 19, 2022

INGE VAL - Anti Parlamentarisk Rebellrock EP 1979

We're staying in Sweden and today I'm not going swimming because I'm going back to Frankfurt soon. This four piece, probably from Stockholm, released a small five track EP on Sista Bussen in the late seventies and the line-up was Ante (vocals & bass), Annika & Christian (guitars), Lennart (drums & vocals) and this is a nice KBD record and more infos are not available. But you can get more about Inge Val; a few liner notes waiting on the back but your swedish must be good for thisOtherwise there is quite a bit of compilation material from the four and I guess the band broke up in the early Eighties and merged into other relevant combos. Maybe at this point a subtle hint to the Wanted-List.... someone must have this fucking stuff, sharing is the motto. Now write a couple of Emails and play a little Backgammon, the last four days haven't been pleasant for me. El Skalmo Mi So Gonzlos!

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