Thursday, April 21, 2022

UGLY SHADOWS - s/t EP 2015

Sometimes it's worth just looking on the internet and every now and then a little darling pops up. For example following interesting band that recorded some delicious tunes in their short lifespan. The baby is called Ugly Shadows, a four piece from Istanbul and formed 2014 by Gizem (vocals), Can (guitars, Umut (bass), Orkun (drums) and disbanded in 2017. After the band's split up vocalist Gizem, guitarist Can and final era live drummer Murat formed UK82-style combo Crudez. They released a demo, this EP (released on Dark Liquid, 500 copies) and an album which contains all their recordings. Their music is influenced by the early Eighties British Post-Punk-Anarcho style, with female singer and her voice is impressive and charming, and they do a superb job. I like this record, and comparisons with the Greek band Chain Cult are not unreasonable. Definitely not a mayfly!

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