Friday, December 24, 2021

V/A - Skloom Al Komul! 2021

Well, as you can see, my old schoolmate Teddy is more than happy with his new girlfriend and he asked me to put some of his favorite songs together and share them with you. Of course, I would like to comply his request, even if I hardly find time and my computer soon crackes off, I have taken the trouble to create the following compilation from the extensive repertoire of his hard drive and now finally present it as the ninth release on WDM RecordsHe chose a healthy mix of old and new classics and I am very satisfied with his selection. I'm responsible for the artwork, which I think is excellent, and all this together makes this little musical composition another highlight on this damn uninteresting Blog. Wherever you are now, enjoy the days off, make the most of it and always remember, You're Not Alone!

1.Dream Within A Dream - PROPAGANDA
2.Tangled Up - CRANES
3.Alle Tage Sind Kein Sonntag - LINDEMANN & GARRETT
4.Fascination Street - THE CURE
5.Everything In Its Right Place - RADIOHEAD
6.Too Drunk To Fuck - NOUVELLE VAGUE
8.Young Folks - PETER, BJÖRN & PAUL
9.When It Rains - PINK TURNS BLUE
10.Last Caress - METALLICA
11.Strenges Mädchen - JOACHIM WITT
12.Johnny & Mary - PLACEBO
13.Coming Down - EA80
14.Los Paul - TRIO
16.Die With Your Boots On - IRON MAIDEN
17.Crystal - NEW ORDER
18.In My Life - THE BEATLES

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