Saturday, 18 September 2021

THE PUNKLES - Punk! 2002

The Punkles were a band performing songs by the legendary and grandiose Beatles and of course, in their own style. The four were formed 1998 in Hamburg and were actually a side project of Prollhead. After a lot of playing gigs around Europe they toured together with Beatallica in October 2005 and in Spring 2006. Unlike Beatallica they performed the Beatles songs "as they are", singing the same lyrics and playing cover versions of the originals, just a "little" faster and with a punk spirit and every Beatles maniac, like me, will love this compilation of songs. The Punkles were quite successful on our continent and in Japan as well. They released five albums, one 7Inch Drive My Car and numerous sampler contributions. The band split up in 2006. "Part tribute, part tongue-in-cheek, the four don't just parody the Lennon/McCartney songbook, they breathe new life into it." - Released via Bitzcore and Punk! is their second one with sixteen classics. You love the Beatles - you love the Punkles! A perfect start on this sunny morning.

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