Saturday, 23 September 2017

THE PUNKLES - Drive My Car EP 2002

Two years after their successful debut Hamburg based punkers The Punkles (with Prollhead!/Nixon Now! members) recorded their second album called simply Punk!. To act as an appetizer Fanboy Records released this three song EP with two non-album tracks and with 'Hold My Hand' (originally performed by The Rutles) is, I think, the only non Beatles track which has the band ever recorded. I'm sure a lot of punk bands started or already has a Beatles song rehearsed because they are big songs and easy to play. I remember a combo here from Frankfurt, called The Beagles and they were absolutly funny and crazy guys, especially live (Hello Freaks!) but sadly they never made it on vinyl. So, the Punkles took this in finest Ramones tradition and they are a great party live band! Part tribute, part tongue-in-cheek, the Punkles don't just parody the Lennon & McCartney songbook, they breathe new life into it. Splendid!!!!!!