Tuesday, 21 September 2021

HOODOO GURUS - Stoneage Romeos 1984

Today two new bands that say zero to me and I'm always grateful for that. It starts by a well-known band from Down Under who got a pretty positive response. Hoodoo Gurus were formed in Sydney 1981, by the mainstay Dave Faulkner (vocals/guitars) and later joined by Richard (bass), Mark (drums), and Brad (guitar/harmonica) and they recorded their debut in 1984 and the title came from a 1955 Three Stooges short Stone Age Romeos and was awarded 'Best Debut Album' of 1984 at the July 1985 Countdown Music Awards. When Stoneage Romeos was released in America it stayed at #1 in the Alternative/College charts for seven weeks, becoming one of the most played albums for the year on the college network. Initially a cult inner-city act, their popularity expanded due to regular airplay on radio station Triple J and nationwide pop TV show Countdown from mid-1983. Their breakthrough single "My Girl" was accompanied by a video clip featuring a dog trainer with his once champion greyhound. Members of Spiderbait described seeing the video for the first time as "a beautiful, classic pop song". Some viewers insisted the song was "written about a dog". This was closely followed by "I Want You Back", which featured animated plastic model dinosaurs. Both videos were aired frequently raising the group's profile around the country. The band made seven albums until they finally took a break in 1997 and since 2003 they've been back and making concerts and records. The Hoodoo Gurus' were inducted into the Australia's 2007 ARIA Hall Of Fame. The band's induction announcement stated that the Gurus were one of the most "inventive, lyrically smart and exciting" bands from Australia. From 1960s power pop and garage punk to hard rock and funky psychedelic kitsch, the group's music stood out from Sydney's Detroit-inspired bands.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -


  1. thanks! one of the greatest albums ever!!! Before i moved up to Boston in late '84, saw the Gurus at a tiny club in Philadelphia and they were tremendous!!!!! Saw them every time they made it to Boston after that!!!!!

  2. Agreed with statement above - 1981 featured massive numbers of great debut Lps... and this one belongs in the top 50 ?