Thursday, 16 September 2021

CARNIVORE - s/t LP 1985

Another band whose music thrilling me right from the start were Carnivore from Brooklyn, New York. Founded by singer & bassist Peter Steele † 14.04.2010, Keith Alexander † 11.07.2005 (guitars), Louie Beato (drums) out of the break-up of the metal combo Fallout in 1982. Although the sometimes ambiguous lyrics led to controversy, Roadrunner Records asked the band to sign a contract in 1984. One year later the debut comes out and was heavily influenced by the contemporary New York Hardcore scene. The 'post-apocalyptic' theme that dominated the album and was carried onto parts of the second one (Retaliation) was apparently inspired by a dream Peter had and which became the basis for the lyrics of Predator. The lyrical theme was then expanded on to describe human society (or the lack of one) between imaginary World Wars III, IV and possibly V (as referenced in the song World Wars III & IV). Other lyrical themes included nihilism, anti-religious sentiment, cynicism, and explicit-but-tongue-in-cheek depictions of gore and despair. Song titles such as Thermonuclear Warrior and God Is Dead reflect these themes. In my opinion, just as fresh and essential as the day I first listen to the record. Polarizing, radical, misanthropic and extreme, that was Carnivore.... to be continued!

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  1. This is a great record. Wore out the grooves on this one in the '80s. Zoetrope (from Chicago) also don't get the love they deserve. First 2 LPs are classics..