Sunday, 1 August 2021

LEATHERFACE - Cherry Knowle 1989

August says hello with a classic and Leatherface are my friends and always present in my world and if you haven't heard a sound from this great band yet, I can't help you either. Numerous musical outpourings can already be found in the blog, but a few basics for all newbies: After they formed in Sunderland in 1988, it took a little time for the band to hit their stride. Listen to the rough debut from 1989, Cherry Knowle, named after the infamous local Victorian-built asylum, and you might struggle to understand why the band meant so much to so many. Frankie once said that he knew the band was “doing alright” when the kids with the mohawks would move away from the stage when they played, and those with the backpacks and heavy prescription glasses would move towards it. And while this was undoubtedly music made by tough men, from a tough city. We experience the four in their most aggressive phase which is significantly reduced in the following albums but never uninteresting. Those of you know what I'm talking about, all others discover a fucking great combo with heart & spirit. -  "Macht Euch einen schönen Sonntag!"

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