Saturday, 31 July 2021

V/A - Mad Trax II (Beyond Metal Zone) 1987

At the end of July a little compilation for my metal friends out there and this is the Yugoslav publication by PGP RTB (Produkcija Gramofonskih Ploča Radio Televizije Beograd) and this version has entirely different tracks than the UK double vinyl edition. Renowned American metal bands that made their first albums at this time are gathered here, plus a British combo whose album I once had, and we enjoy trash metal at its best. I have to say, I can still identify with this music, after all, this sound was an elixir of life for me in the mid-eighties and even if some bands get on my nerves nowadays, I'm sometimes not averse to devoting a little time to the trashers. And on this little record are exactly the ones, which reflect this perfect. That brings memories, I can tell you, Kutte an and off to every concert, of which there were more than enough back then and getting old is such a fucking shit!

1.Unstoppable Force - AGENT STEEL
2.Creeping Death - METALLICA
3.A Lesson In Violence - EXODUS
4.Break Down The Walls - EXCITER
5.Rattlehead - MEGADEATH
6.Metal Forces - ONSLAUGHT
7.March To Die - POSSESSED

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  1. The good old 80's! The best decade ever! Metal, Goth, Punk, New Wave! Give me a time machine, now!! 'Bang that head that doesn't bang!'