Saturday, 19 June 2021

PERZONAL WAR - The Inside 1998

Mon Dieu, washing and chopping the berries is exhausting and arduous, but the shake is yummy. But enough of the toil. Now a little trip to the Metalzone and I got to know about this band through a friend; "check this out, interesting band from Germany, they sound like a famous US metal combo which everyone knows, you will gonna like it." Said and done. And he was right! A bit info about the band: PowerThrash Metal band from Troisdorf and was founded 1996 under the name Personal War by Matthias (vocals/guitar) and Martin (drums). Together they recorded a first demo. A short time later, Martin's brother Frank (bass) and Sascha (guitars) joined them and after a second demo the band appeared on Rock Hard's compilation Unerhört. As a result, the group reached a contract with Gernhart Records in 1997. They then recorded their debut and released it in early 1998 as The Inside. Over the next two years the band changed their label and signed a contract with B.Mind Records and released their 2nd album Newtimechaos in May 2000. For legal reasons the band had to change their name to Perzonal War in early 2002. More records and countless shows followed (including Chicago Powerfest USA, Sziget Festival Hungary, Summerbreeze Open Air, Rhein-Kultur Festival) and the youngsters never get tired and still wanna know and underline their independence, uncompromising songwriting, brute riffs, filigree guitar work, pushing drums and self-confident, aggressive vocals, which never lack the necessary portion of melody, have always been the hallmarks of the band. These attributes - combined with their twenty years of stage and studio experience - ensure that Perzonal War kick asses live and give the scene new impulses. Perzonal War stay at the forefront of the German underground metal scene and that's a good thing. And now on to a long EM day... enjoy!

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