Wednesday, June 16, 2021

PANIK - Aujourd'Hui Plus Qu'Hier... 2018

An intense game yesterday for both teams with the happier result for France. But I noticed that these guys are unsportsmanlike, crybugs and behave like small children, top players but absolutely unsympathetic, no character and it hurts me to see such a lousy attitude. Well, I hope these Ikonomats don't win the title, they don't deserve it. This is my opinion! 

Today's Post: "Non Je Ne Regrette Rien!"exactly my motto and also of Panik LTDC, French punx from Paris and active from 1981 to 1986, reactivated and since then more or less active again. They could take the stage as legends of french spikes, but the length of their songs is probably the reason they didn' so they earned rather mediocre laurels. Their first album Les Troubadours Du Chaos came out in 1983 without the help of a label and proves this impressively. Not a bad record and now, after almost forty years, I am also more amenable to melodic long nuggets, but back then, the clocks went differently. A few tracks were often included on compilations and handmade tapes, whether they are from the period or today and 1986 the band stopped after the departure of Noel (bass) and Pierre (drums). A tape Live Au Plan followed 1991 and in 2007 the group was revived with Christian (vocals), Guy (guitar), Ben (bass), Xavier (drums) and gave an unforgettable concert in Geneva with other old heroes. 2018 marks a turning point in the history of Panik LTDC with new members and the release of the official second album Aujourd'hui Plus Qu'Hier on Combat Rock/Dirty Punk Records. Ten songs were written and thirty-five years passed between this and the debut and their style has been refined, Christian's voice kept again all its energy in and the album does us the honor of paying homage to Alain Bashung by offering a superb cover revisited from one of his iconic songs "La Nuit Je Mens". Solid record and not only interesting for us old sacks.

 - Great Thx to Fredrik -


  1. A million txs for that Panik record. A great band that never achieved popular success. I guess their lyrics are too..''witty and 2nd-degree based'' for the common listener.
    Now, football-wise, we obviously do not share the same impression about the game and about each team's respective attitude. Not a pb. I do hope the D team makes it to the next round and the F one wins the title ;---))))))