Wednesday, 5 May 2021

THE VICE CREEMS - Danger Love 7'' 1979

The Vice Creems, originally the Aylesbury Bucks, formed in Aylesbury in around mid late 1977. They were basically the vehicle for Zig-Zag Magazine editor (& former teenage president of the Mott The Hoople fanclub) Kris Needs (vocals), his best mate Colin Keinch (guitar) & assorted mates from the pub. Following sparodic gigging throughout late 77- early 78, they made their vinyl debut with a fairly typical punky track "No Passion" on the Aylesbury Goes Flaccid local compilation. Danger Love is their second & last release with two tracks. The a-side is a good one, while the flip is a bit lame and not enough ass-kicking, in my opinion. In addition to their records, numerous compliation contributions can be found mostly with the same song, also rather uninteresting for rarity collectors of the notable short-lived combo.

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