Friday, 7 May 2021

TECHTONES - That Girl 7'' 1980 + State Of Mind 7'' 1981

More nuggets from the wanted list late in the evening and I'm thrilled. Nothing for a long time and now one rarity after the other. This time an awesome double pack from the other end of the world and as a little intro a few words from the necessary and great Audioculture site whose countless information about the New Zealand underground scene, bands and culture alyways excites me. Be sure to have a look! "Auckland’s music community was going through a major transition in 1980. Emerging from the healthy (if you could call it that) punk scene, it seemed like every week there was a band replacing their safety pins with snappy suits in the manner of England’s “new wave” of popsters. One of the more promising and high-profile at the time, but strangely forgotten since, was Techtones. Techtones was essentially a re-invention of very popular but rapidly disintegrating five-piece, Sheerlux. In early 1980, bassist Peter Solomon joined Sheerlux’s remaining members Steve Roach (guitar/vocals), Jimmy Juricevich (guitar/vocals) and Graeme Schnell (drums) for the band’s last gasp. A few weeks later Schnell had left, and Chris Burt was recruited from hard-working covers outfit Picture This. “I thought I was joining Sheerlux,” Burt recalls. “Picture This was also falling apart, so it seemed like a great offer.” That Girl is probably their well-known track and the band's first single on the legendary Propeller label, which is also featured on several compilations. A classic Powerpop goodie without question, catchy punky melody. The flip is a nice instrumental one. State Of Mind was the second slab and is considerably different, more poppy and already too much for my taste, the flip kicks a bit but both songs are miles away from the first. Egal, listen and enjoy.

- Great Thx to Reinhard -

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  1. Their album and singles were reissued about 9 months ago and are on Bandcamp as well as Amazon (in the USA at least).