Friday, 14 May 2021

ROSTOK VAMPIRES - Transylvanian Disease 1989

Rostok Vampires is a German ThrashPunk band from Dortmund, which was founded in 1986 by Christian (vocals), Cebulla & Andy (guitars), Supe (bass), Thomas (drums), disbanded in 1993 and reunited in 2001. In October 1988 they went to the Masterplan studio and recorded twenty-one songs in three days and sent them to various labels and reached a three-album deal with Nuclear Blast. The band recorded their debut album Transylvanian Disease in 1988 and released it in the summer of the following year. The album was the label's most successful at the time. The band toured the clubs of Europe together with Impulse Manslaughter and an EP called Pay The Price was then released, which contained six songs that didn't make it on the debut. Further club tours followed and two appearances in Germany almost every weekend. In the middle of the year the band recorded the second album called Misery and released it in the fall. To promote the album, they held a tour with Suckspeed and a further EP Boring Old Fart came out. In 1991 guitarist Bulla left the band, so the group continued without him. The third album Torment Of Transformation came then in spring 1992, followed by the "The Last Crash" tour at the beginning of summer. For this purpose, the band released the Stone Dead Forever EP, on which previously unreleased material could be heard. The last gig took place on June 2nd in Karlsruhe. Since singer Christian felt too exhausted to continue working with the band, he separated from them. The band tried to replace him, but did not succeed. Therefore, the band split the following year.

After a rehearsal at the end of 2001, the band decided to play concerts again. Bulla returned to the band and bassist Supe replaced Doerfel. The comeback appearance took place on June 22nd, 2002 in Unna. In July the band recorded a demo called In The Pitch and released it in 2003. The fourth and last album New Morning came out in 2006 via Trashmark Records. - What remains? Powerful and energetic songs, the trademark of the five, always audible!

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