Wednesday, 13 July 2016

ROSTOK VAMPIRES - Boring Old Fart EP 1990

Before I leave home a short visit in North Rhine-Westphalia and meet the Rostock Vampires, based in Dortmund already exist since the midst of the eighties. After several line-up-changes they started the new way at New Year's Day 1988 in West-Berlin. This second EP was released via Nuclear Blast Records and shines with three metallic punk rock tunes. This great band is relative unknown for many people and it is really a pity because their sound deserve more attention in my opinion. Check them out and I recommend their first album Transylvanian Disease, it's a real stunner.



  1. Ahhh an old fart like myself! Good post Wild as I have 3-4 of their albums in my unheard/unripped collection I will post now with your prompting and advice. I just got back from vacation up North USA and now back while you are off for vacation so our 'tag-team' blogging can continue...LOL

    1. Yeah, post what ever you want, I only have the debut album. Hope your vacation was great, I have my in 5 weeks, again to Greece, this time to Kreta, sure I post a few impressions here... Hau Rein!

  2. thanks again and on...Have a good time.