Thursday, 15 April 2021

X-PULSION - You Are Nothing But Schmucks 2017

Holy Stratocoster, it's time for musical delicacies in this theater. Transported from the shallows of dirty stinky cellars, full with empty beer cans, and to my astonishment: all of this pretty rough and pretty amateurish, but enjoyable. Stuff by X-Pulsion from Brussels, the direct successor of the defunct Belgian combo Chainsaw and formed circa 1977. The band consisted of Peter (vocals), Jerry (guitar), Michel (bass), Klaus (drums) and their only release was a split 7Inch with Streets, released 1978 via Romantik Records. They played a few local gigs in their short lifespan and it's amazing that after so many years some lost recordings are still showing up. Persistently pursuing an idea pays off. This loud goodie was made by Belgian Waffles Records, pressed in an edition of 50 copies and all songs are '78 demos & rehearsals from different cassette tapes (except B6 from Follies TV Broadcast February 1978) and comes with a decent twenty page booklet. Fuckin' Great Record!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

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