Saturday, 17 April 2021

THE NEW GUITARS - Laught At Me 7'' 1980

Before another important match in an hour rolls on in the Bundesliga, I'll adjust the mood accordingly with the next slab by the "New Guitars". A short project by Pete Stride from the Lurkers and John Plain from the Boys and they made an album in 1980 New Guitar In Town. 'Laugh At Me' is a cover from Sonny Bono (first release in August 1965) and was released via Beggars Banquet as the album's sole single (I haven't heard the album, but it's supposed to be excellent)Two great PowerPoppies (oh no.. not again) of the very finest smiling at me, and fit seamlessly with the roaring blasts of the previous posts. You either listen or you will be fucked. ⚽ūüćļ Cheers!

- Great Thx to Nolti -


  1. Huhu! Ich will mich ja hier nicht mit fremden Lorbeeren schm√ľcken...ich hab's nur von einem gewissen √Ėsi weiter geleitet...hahahaha....

    1. Soso... ist als Randnotiz vermerkt :)