Sunday, 28 February 2021

ROCKS - Combat Zone 1994

Only album by Rocks on Kangaroo Records and it took a long time for the band to become active again. In 1978 they brought their legendary You'r So Boring EP on Point Blank Records (500 copies) out and and set with that an astonishing exclamation point, 1995 re-issued as CD with bonus tracksI first came in contact with them through Tepid Spit Artists, an unofficial tape compilation what I acquired from Incognito Records. Short basics: "Rocks, please, never put a “The” in front, were Sydney based Punx which started its life as a three piece in 1976 with childhood friends Bill Webb (a.k.a. Bill Posters) Drums/Lead Vocals, Peter Davie Guitar/Vocals and Steve Vanderschoot Bass/Lead Vocals. Having jammed together after school and on weekends and with their love for early 70’s rock surging through their veins, it was no surprise they would turn to Punk as they forged ahead finding a style to become a band. When bands like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols came along, it was obvious what they had become and they would go on to be one of Sydney’s best loved Punkrock bands..." Combat Zone is twenty-two times fresh sound combined with catchy melodies. Rocks are still active and occur at irregular intervals here and there somewhere. Enjoy the album & the warm rays of the sun with a cold beer.

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