Friday, 26 February 2021


A real rarity is this 7Inch by a combo from Norrköping which had a short lifespan, 1978-1981, and left few recordings. A bit info from punktjafs: Aggressiva Kostymer was formed in summer 1978 at Café Röda Tuppen, a gathering place for lost Peking punks, progs and other lost people. The basic set was Per (vocals/guitar), Johan (guitar), Undertaker (bass) and Kryddan (drums). Undertaker leave and Peter came in, Kryddan also left the band shortly afterwards and was replaced by Micke. The band focused to play live as much as possible, mostly in Central Sweden. It was popular at this time to record at least one single, but not for them, "Live" it would be, that was real Punk for the band. But despite this, they paid a visit to a studio in Norrköping in the spring of 1979, which resulted in at least the songs "Plastkärlek" and "19 År" were taped. These two cannon songs lay and collected dust until Slyngel Rekords finally released them on vinyl in 2014 in an edition of 300 copies. Aggressiva Kostymer hung off their jackets in 1981, with the flag at the top. Two superb blasts!

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