Wednesday, 9 September 2020

EA80 - Schauspiele 1992

Last post today before I say goodbye for ten days on a well-deserved vacation. Schauspiele is the sixth album by EA80 with Oddel for the first time as new bass player. The album is full of classics that they always love to play live, especially the first track is a great opener for example. Long dark songs mix with fast aggressive pieces, plus again great lyrics which are deep and, as always, critical, unique, introspectively and the whole misery of human existence on a small and large scale describe, demonstrate the clear attitude of the four. The recordings are harder and more punk compared to 202, sometimes I find the drums & bass drum a little too quiet, but even this small deficit becomes irrelevant when the song is on, no wonder by the twelve quick-witted hymns of the very first quality. I can only recommend you to buy this record, the original is long been sold out, but Major Label from Jena was allowed to produce a re-release in 2015 (plus other EA80 records) and that's a good thing. Another milestone of by far the best and most innovative band in this country.... A Fucking Must Have!!! Maybe one sentence to previous posts, sure some are down, but write for re-ups in the comment-section and I'll fix it as soon as I'm back.

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  1. Famoses Album, das Gitarrenspiel von Junge und Maul ist exzellent und gibt den Songs das nötige Feeling, Oddel zeigt das er der Basser ist den die anderen gesucht haben, und Nico ist eh der beste Punk-Drummer hierzulande. Auch sein Einsatz bei Serene Fall war unersetzlich. Großartige Band!!!!