Wednesday, 25 March 2020

BAKRUS - Blå Ljus 7'' 1979 + Nettan 7'' 1980

Obscure stuff now again with more very rare sounds from Sweden, this time with Bakrus from Gothenburg seems to me, and the band existed only for a short time and consisted of Johan (vocals), Bernt & Sven (guitars), Kent (bass), Roland (drums) and they released two 7Inches on their own label Bakrus Records, certainly in small editionsSome of you may known them for their contribution to the terrific Killed By Death #51 compilation, which is packed with extremely rare stuff and the song is the flip from their second single 'Nettan'. But one after the other...

....'Blå Ljus' comes with two four minute lo-fi's which make their way in a leisurely tram pace without looking spectacular but never seems boring, comparable to a glass of beer that you drink with pleasure, you know. 'Nettan' is more punkier, more powerful and dynamic and also better produced, a real cracker. I wouldn't see them as the winner of the two because I'm fascinated by both and I like development. Presumably both slabs were recorded in the Nacksving Studios and apart from the compilation mentioned, they were never invited. That leaves four catchy songs by Bakrus and it is good that they recorded them... in every sense!

- Great Thx to Mr. Fredrik -

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