Wednesday, January 15, 2020

THE KRIXHJÄLTERS - Guineapig Assasinator 1986

The Krixhjälters, later Omnitron, was formed in Stockholm in 1982 by Rasmus Ekman (guitar, vocals), Pontus Lindqvist (bass, vocals) and Stefan Gorini (drums, vocals), inspired by the American bands Black Flag and Dead Kennedys. The band name was created partly as a parody of the construction of certain dance band names. The band's debut album was recorded in 1984 but first released in 1986, on the record label Rosa Honung. Already in 1985, however, the songs Magic Mushrooms and The Guardian Of Society were released on the compilation Really Fast Vol.2 with current Swedish punk bands. During a period of the mid-1980s, the band were more or less inactive. Pontus Lindqvist and Pelle Ström then joined the band Aggressiv, where Pontus sang and Pelle played guitar. Shortly after the first MLP was recorded, in 1985, guitarist Pelle Ström also started in the band, Gorini quit, and Stefan Kälfors replaced drums. The group signed a contract with CBR Records and recorded another Mini-LP, Hjälter Skelter (1988). At Krixhjälter's early recordings, some songs are sung in Swedish, but from Hjälter Skelter and onwards all texts are performed in English. The full-length album Evilution was released in 1989 and the band also had the opportunity to record the Christmas single A Krixmas Carol (1989) under the original name. This record consists of a common song on one side and on the other side in front of the band members, their song, with text and music written by each, in exactly one minute each. In 1989 the band was also represented with the song He Speaks on the collection album The Swedish Stand, published by Sinderella.

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