Sunday, 1 December 2019

V/A - The Thing That Ate Floyd 1988

This huge 1988 compilation is like a history lesson for those uneducated about the world of the Gilman Street and Californian punk scene of the time. Compiled by David Hayes and originally spanning four sides of 12'' vinyl (and later on a remastered double CD) there are few chinks in this musical armor. Unreleased material comes in the form of such Lookout! artists and that’s only scratching the surface. This iconic release, packed with 34 tracks of goodness also has such favorites of the day as, No Use For A Name, Capitol Punishment and The Vagrants. An amazing representation of the fertile California underground scene that went on to define punk into the 90s. Housed in unique packaging wrapped around a huge booklet. This compilation was released to showcase Bay Area punk bands that were playing at Berkeley's Gilman Street Project in the late 1980s. Original first-pressing has Lookout's old Laytonville address on it and a blue jacket. 4000 copies were pressed. The first 50 copies were pressed on orange vinyl. Released with a 24-page newsprint booklet with info on the bands and lyrics. File this release under: Essential!!

1.Straight Edge Song - SKIN FLUTES
2.Win Or Lose - EAST BAY MUD
5.Not One Of Mine - TOMMY ROT
6.Cottleston Pie - CRINGER
7.Bananas Smell Funny Sonata In G - BOO! HISS! PFFTLB!
8.The Incredibly Blue Moustache Of Mr. Tinselteeth - EYEBALL
9.Happy Now - ISOCRACY
11.On And On - BITCH FIGHT
12.Tied/Tried - PLAID RETINA
13.Common Inconsistencies - NEUROSIS
14.We Must Do Something Now - COMPLETE DISORDER
15.Product Of Misdirection - WELL HUNG MONKS
16.Broken Strings - SWOLLEN BOSS TOAD
17.Life Sucks - VOMIT LAUNCH
18.Abandoned Beer Messiah - RELIEF SOCIETY
19.Boredom Zone - MR.T EXPERIENCE
20.Vagina Envy - SEWER TROUT
21.No Way Back - THE VAGRANTS
22.Andorra - SWEET BABYS
23.Don't Lick My Leg - STIKKY
24.What!?! - NO USE FOR A NAME
25.Extreme Racial Pride - SURROGATE BRAINS
26.Outside - LOOKOUTS
27.Jackknifed Rig - CAPITOL PUNISHMENT
28.Summertime - CRIMPSHRINE
29.In My Past - SPENT
30.Change - RASKUL
31.Contraversy - TRIBE OF RESISTANCE
32.Day Of Sun - NUISANCE
33.Hangin' Out - OPERATION IVY

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