Tuesday, 3 December 2019

BOSS MARTIANS - Out Of Time Again 7'' 2009

When the Boss Martians formed in 1994 by college students Evan Foster (vocals/guitar) and Nick Contento (keyboards), they stood pretty lonely with their sixties-inspired surf punk and garage rock sound in the birthplace of grunge, Seattle/Washington. But now the quartet is established, they derived their name from two surf instrumentals: "Boss" by the Rumblers and "My Favorite Martian" by the Bobby Fuller Four - outgrown from the long-secret status. Check out their MySpace page for more samples. Here we have two garage punkrock pearls, the title track passes by in just two minutes while the flip is with three minutes a bit slow with both feet on the brake but okay. To date, the band was completely unknown to me, but I can say they really kick my lazy ass and this goes not always sooooo fast.

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