Thursday, 3 October 2019

EXPLODING WHITE MICE - Fear (Late At Night) 7'' 1988

Exploding White Mice were a punk-rock band from Adelaide, Australia and were formed in the 80s. Their name was taken from a scene from the movie Rock'n'Roll High School, in which a laboratory mouse spontaneously explodes upon being exposed to the music of the Ramones, the band's foremost influence. Greasy Pop's superstars hit hard with another slab of inspired guitar ravaging obviously brought on by late nights listening to Road To Ruin. Lead singing Mouse Paul Gilchrist's singing is starting to get over the flatness he had on the first couple Mice records, and the blend of his vocals with the ever gutsy guitar and drums attack is starting to work real well. This is a group that is clearly started to develop a sense of power and they are a kicker!

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