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Now it's not hard to guess where I'm going this year and in four hours I'm in the plane so I leave you with this fantastic band and here is the full bio: In April 1982 in Athens, three friends: Thodoris (Drums), Nikos (Bass) and his cousin also Nikos (Guitar & Vocals) formed a band named Anti-Culture influenced by Punk/New Wave with political lyrics. In winter 1983 Nikos left the band. Then Costas (Guitar/Vocals) and Mars (Vocals) joined. The band renamed to Chaos Generation and became part of the early Punk scene in Athens. 

On 7.4.1983 they gave a live performance @ Sofita Club in Plaka with Ex-Humans & in October they also performed live @ Anemoni Cinema in Agia Paraskeui with Adiexodo atthat time the changed their name to CHAOS GENERATION. Before the end of the year they released along with Adiexodo the split tape "Dead End & Chaos Generation Wish You Good Appetite!" In 1984 Nikos and Mars left the band, Akis (Bass & Vocals) and Dimitris (Vocals) accordingly took their place. In Spring they got singed by Enigma Records and in July they recorded two tracks and participated to the first Greek Punk compilation, the legendary: "Disturbing The Peace" 1985 they performed a live @ Chevrolet Pub in Ioannina and in the same year with Adiexodo @ Anesis Cinema in Agrinio, the second live was recorded and distributed hand to hand through bands friends, as split tape titled "Chaos Generation & Dead End Wish You Happy Easter!"

In the early 1986 Dimitris leave the band and ?ikos became front-man of the band, it was then when they signed a one year contract with the label Right Way witch later renamed to DiDi Music, by the summer they released the self-titled debut album but the 1st press was shortly removed from the market due to bad sound an replased by a 2nd press. By autumn Akis leave the band to play bass for Parkinson Square in France, Dimitris and Alexis came in and bring new influences, the second guitar gave more volume to the audible outcome, their style went off the Punk clichés with more poetic lyrics referring to inner search of human political stance. In June 22nd they played live with Moot Point, Grover and Out Of Control @ Theatro Dasous/Thessaloniki and in November they supported The Ex & The Shrubs from Holland @ the Club 22 Autokinisi/Athens. 

In winter 1987 Theodore (Drums), Alexis (Bass), Dimitris (Guitar/Vocals), Costas (Guitar/Vocals) started recording new material and in February 1988 they supported for two live shows The EX @ the Rodon Club in Athens, and finally on Feb 20th their last live performance @ 127 db Club/Eksarxeia. By the end of Februray 1989 their second and last album Requiem was released by DiDi Music and then they broke up the same year! They performed many live gigs all over Greece, drawing alternative & anti-government audiences.

The words of the front cover is written by Akis: Thirteen Days, Thirteen Nights, and Colors Become Long-Departed Figures. Out of sight, tears flowed, and cold stones built a house with no windows, a home for the mind's lonely dance. Why should I care about the winter outside of my home? But someone freezes outside my door. And I kill him all the time, cut it, cut it. But he smiles at me, shows me a fire, invites me to go with them and dance with them.....

Enjoy the music and stay decent!

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