Saturday, 14 July 2018

EX HUMANS - Ανώφελη Επιβίωση 1984

Saturday is my favorite weekday and in six weeks I finally have holidays, guess where I'm going? George-Havoc-Alevaras (vocals/guitar) Yannis Trumbetas (bass) and Fivos Pergaliotis (drums) formed Ex Humans in September 1982 in Athens and after a demo on Bluurg Tapes they released their only album on Enigma Records and this ten track slab is a damn h-bomb, an excellent harmonious teamwork of all three, great distorted guitar, driving bass line and variable drums, all in Greek and lyrics with a sociopolitical and anti-authoritarian verse. The Ex-Humans were among the pioneers of the punk scene in Greece for their time, and along with other bands such as Stress, Panx Romana, Magic De Spell, were the causes of this scene, not accidentally considered as a band legend of the Greek punk scene, they disbanded in 1985. Awesome Stuff!


  1. I will be in Greece probably in September . the best month according me .Temperature is warm and the beaches are not crowdy.I can't wait for tomorrow's match.PS: Bored teenager 10 is a bit disapointing but if interested ...

    1. same for me, September is the right month to be there and if you be in south Crete we should meet.

      Yeah, Belgium showed yesterday how it's done but Croatia is hungry, have the best team @ the moment and if not today, I guess it will take a long time to reach this standard again.

      Good luck!