Monday, 13 May 2019

VOID & THE FAITH - Split LP 1982

Now a nice plate for all friends of short fast hardcore attacks which was released via Dischord Records and here we have twenty-four of them. Background from wiki: Void was formed in Columbia/Maryland 1980 and consisted of an interracial line-up unique to the era, featuring high school students John (vocals), Bubba (guitars), Chris (bass) and Sean (drums). The group was a pioneering force in the thriving D.C. Hardcore scene in Washington D. C. during the early 1980s, successfully combining elements of punk with heavy metal in a style that was accepted by the scene's otherwise exclusive community. Void's punk-metal fusion sound was marked by guitarist Bubba's innovative guitar work and the "unhinged" vocals of John Weiffenbach, which resonated in the band's chaotic but popular live performances. Like many of their contemporaries, Void had a short-lived recording career—limited to the spilt-album, with the Faith on Dischord Records—however, they have enjoyed an enduring cult following among hardcore aficionados. In addition to this split, in 1992 the band released an EP on Eye 95 Records plus some compilations. The Faith were a short-lived band which was fronted by Ian's brother Alec (vocals), Michael (guitars), Chris (bass) and Ivor (drums) and were formed 1981 in Washington D.C. and played their first show at H.B. Woodlawn High School in November '81. Alec described the name as "a positive kind of sound, not negative like so many others." "We felt that (The) Faith was a stronger-than-macho name. We did want something more hopeful and less nihilistic, in spite of our chaotic and sometimes destructive approach to performance." Their demo Subject To Change was released 1983 in form of a 7Inch and that's it. Enough for today, now a bit chilling and ready for the night!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -


  1. Yes, Wildman you are mining my territory here and a top platter for me. RE: Typo it was a 12 inch EP 'Subject To Change" and also I had it on black vinyl plus later clear blue vinyl. Chill to the Max like Max Weinberg Holmes