Monday, 22 April 2019

VENOM - @ Hellfest, Clisson 20.06.2015

The Gods of Black Metal and to date the undisputed #1 are Venom from Newcastle which were formed 1978 and with some breaks still active. Fifteen albums (I only have two left) appeared during this period and with their extreme music they enthrall countless fans all over the world. In 2015 they played at the Hellfest which went three days and here is their gig in a fantastic recording quality. So join the Venom's Legions, pick up the double album From Hell To Unknown as well and have a sunny Easter Monday. Now I have to ride with my bike to Heike's brunch in the heart of Offenbach.  

Rise/Bloodlust/Die Hard/Long Haired Punks/Grinding Teeth/Buried Alive/The Evil One/Welcome To Hell/1000 Days In Sodom/Countess Bathory/Warhead/Black Metal/Witching Hour

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