Thursday, 11 October 2018


Schlemihl Records released this proper record in a limited of 1000 hand-numbered copies with eight rare songs from Müllstation and Dog Food Five. Müllstation is a punk band from Eisleben in Saxony-Anhalt and were founded in 1980 in the GDR and is now one of the longest active Punkbands in the East, members are Harty Sachse ("Steve Aktiv", vocals) and Frank Baur (bass), at first the band used pots as drums and a homemade guitar. In 1982 the band met in front of the Palace of the Republic in East Berlin with two presenters from the NDR (Tim Renner and Thomas Meins) and these two took Müllstation and the band Menschrock for recordings to Hamburg and these were played on 20 September 1982 in the broadcast "Club" on NDR 2. Over the years they often played in the Christusgemeinde in Halle along with bands such as Schleim-Keim, Wutanfall, Größenwahn and Betonromanze. Susanne "Susi" Horn on bass as well as Volker Eschke and Mike Beelitz on guitars joined the band later. Resolution 1989 and Reunion in 1990, Frank Baur took over the guitar parts and Ralf "Ralle" Brauer came as new drummer, but was soon by Roy Hoffmann and finally in 1995 by Jürgen "Grahli" Grahl (previously at Abraum and NFP) replaced. At the end of the 1990s Melanie Stütz joined the band as new bassist, since 2002 then Alex Zschaege (previously KVD, NFP). Frank Baur and Jürgen Grahl are also working with non-Müllstation member Toralf Schwarz still in a side project called The Morlox. The Morlox play surf with Slavic influences.

Dog Food Five was founded in the summer of 1991. At a time when punk was considered a deadly serious, ideological issue, there were five mid-twenties, old friends and then something of a veteran of the local band scene, in a rehearsal room in Kassel in Hessen together to make songs in the style of Sex Pistols, Adverts & Dead Boys. Their quasi-postmodern look at the role models was perhaps a bit more distant than was the case with other punk bands of the time. So they had no problems with it, Rockabilly elements, Sixties Garage, New Wave, Surf & Psychedelic Rock in their music. To make the whole thing clear, they decided to Suits and ties, which amazed an audience that was accustomed to bands in military trousers, T-shirts and Lumberjack shirts to see. In the end, Dog Food Five, with its wild, raw sound, was also the purist of the punk scene convince and also attract people to punk concerts, which actually did not have so much to do with such music. Dog Food Five soon had a record deal and four albums, a split LP and a hand appeared in the next nine years full of singles. Bands like Müllstation and the Shocks covered their songs. In addition, Dog Food Five played hundreds of concerts in half of Europe, the last Christmas 2000 in their hometown Kassel. At that time, playing with stereotypes had become a cliché. Punkattitude was meanwhile become mainstream. Every second band musically relied on the punk and garage canon and suits on stage Punk clubs were such a common sight that nobody could shock them anymore.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

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