Thursday, 12 July 2018

GERHARD HELMUT - Unter Der Faust 7'' 1979

A totally unknown record to me is this rare 7inch. PowerPop I think is here to stay and I thank Reinhard for the following info: Graz-born vocalist (in the 1960's he fronted the Austrian beat band VAMPS) who moved to New York in 1969, but relocated to Hollywood in 1972 (to join glam Punks Shady Lady) with lone release recorded with RIPPER, but put out under his name with the help of Greg Shaw's Bomp imprint. ''Unter Der Faust'' (compiled on Shaw's UK-only 'Who Put The Bomp' sampler...) is a punk version of Rolling Stones' ''Under My Thumb'' with German lyrics (written by Vienna's Rolling Stones cover band Peter Schleicher... Dirt Shit used some of their lyrics as well) and the flipside was penned by RIPPER bassist Bobby Paine who was JOSIE COTTON's boyfriend back than and who went on writing most songs for her early LP's. Guitarist Jerome T. Youngman and drummer Quito Ecudor relocated to New York and started HOOKS. Don't miss Gerhard & Ripper live @ Rock Corporation/Hollywood USA 1975.

- Extra Special Thx to Reinhard -

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  1. Outstanding WDM! I now have a short list of new band names to seek out.