Friday, 26 February 2016

DIRT SHIT - Rattenloch EP 1979

Dirt Shit stands in the first row of austrian punk bands. Born in 1978, with Robert "Räudig" of Chuzpe who left after one or two live shows, was this band maybe the most complete punk package that was (perhaps forever!?) available in the country of the lovely "Wiener Sängerknaben". At the peak of Dirt Shit, that was Roli "Rostig" Übereuter, Berni "Bedenklich" (questionable) Tragut, Michi "Monoton" and Ronnie "Urini" Iraschek, they could cause a pogo orgy whenever they charged the stage. The songs where fast, the guitars where dirty and the vocals where catchy and violent. Michi had never sung the same lyrics, and improvised at every show, which worked until he was done on stage. In 1979 they could have had an appearance in an austrian b-movie "Exit-Nur keine Panik" [Exit-Don't Panic]. But they where knocked out because of a quarrel with the producer(s), althought the songs for the movie where already recorded. After a threat to sue by the band, the movie team gave them money to cut the four songs on 7'' vinyl (limited to 500 pieces). They only played a few gigs in Vienna and one in 1980 in Linz. The members were also active in other early Austrian punk and new wave bands (Mordbuben AG, Kleenex Aktiv and others). Drugs and alcohol resulted in the end of this band. (Info from: luziprakrecords)


  1. thank you very much for this "Sucia mierda" (Spanish translation about Dirt Shit) Have a nice weekend

  2. Nice cover of jumping jack flash