Thursday, 14 June 2018

HERR MARMELAD & HANS SKORPOR - ... Någonstans I Sverige EP 1980

Early in the morning and after ripping two records now a rare one with old content. Mr. Marmalade and Hans Skorpor were a six piece combo ((Mr. Eriksson, Mr. Lagerlöf, Mr.Lilja, Mr. Lindkvist, Mr. Lundström and Mr. Svanberg) from Stockholm and was an acclaimed live band of the early 80's, but also one of the bands that played for the blessed radio program New Wave. This is their rare debut record on Sista Bussen, two years later came their 2nd and last EP "Vår Bäste Vän" out, which is more ska oriented. But here they're weird and funny and mix their dirty punk sound with fat raw guitar solos which gave all the three songs a glamour rough feeling. Hell, is this awsome, haha... pretty cool '77 style in the KBD vain and with 'Visby Hotel' an absolute Killer track on it. So anyway, I write some shit here which nobody cares at all, you're here for the music and this blows the fuck out of your shoes.


  1. Hey, i've been a fan of your blog for years, i run my own blog called Blogged & Quartered. Just wanted to write and say keep up the great work, it's appreciated. And if you ever get the chance, it would be great if you could re-upload all those wonderful Serene Fall rarities you posted a while back.

    1. Hi Vin, I know your blog and your work there is fantastic. I was very surprised to see Serene Fall on B&G and I am glad that you like their music. Also the EA80 post and your description I like and I can recommend you more than their first album, especially the 202 album is top, check my Blog for more EA80 and try LSK, also cool. All Serene Fall stuff is re-upped and I'm sure you will love it..