Wednesday, 20 June 2018

DEZERTER - Underground Out Of Poland 1987

The Football World Cup is currently and I try to watch every game but the fucking work doesn't give me the opportunity but anyway, that's the reason why I post not much these days. Now after the Spain match this nice compilation from Maximumrocknroll ‎with Dezerter from Warsaw. Formed by electronic technical high school students Krzysztof Grabowski (drums + lyrics) and Robert "Robal” Matera (guitar + vocals). The band was originally called SS-20 (after Soviet ballistic missiles, they were stationed, among other places, in Poland), the lineup was augmented by: Darek „Stepa” Stepnowski (bass/vocals) and Darek "Skandal” Hajn (vocals). They're very successful and known for the fast and angry music and I would say the most famous Polish punk export. Lots of records were released and on this eighteen slab the 1983 Ku Przyszłości EP plus live and outtake recordings, all in all a solid overview of this gifted combo.

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