Wednesday, 11 April 2018

VAURIO - A Shout From The Night 1984

From Turku are Vaurio and they were founded 1981 by Sauke (vocals), Masa (guitar), Sidi (bass) and Brando (drums) but Brando left one year later the band and new drummer Minni came in and this line-up formed the band's standard composition and also played on all Vaurio recordings, while other band members were either visiting or just being there for a short time. The group was active until summer 1985 after which it re-assembled only on May 11, 1990, at the six-year anniversary celebration of the turkish Aura brewery. Vaurio is part of the Finnish hardcore punk movement from the early 80s and recorded one EP, Sortoa Ja Vainoa on Propaganda Records in 1983 and this full length which was released via Rock-O-Rama, the German label we all love... and two tracks on the great Finnish Spunk/Hard Beat compilation (coming soon), also on the Cologne label. Vaurio's sound stands for short fast songs, not so aggressive as Terveet Kädet or Riistetyt, rather slight melodic mid-tempo songs and in between, of course, short catchy numbers, fourteen nuggets in twenty-five minutes. Fuck info at the end: singer Sauke died at the age of 38 in 2003. - In his honor: A Shout From The Night!