Wednesday, 11 April 2018

PSYCHO - Hosebags From Hell 1986

In my metal days I was listening many hardcore stuff and one of those fantastic bands were Psycho from Boston and they've been shredding their way through the population since 1981 and numerous 7Inches were published. Hosebags From Hell on Ax/ction Records was their only album until four years ago (Chainsaw Priest 2014), recorded by: Mega (vocals), Johnny X (guitars), Ed (bass), Charlie (drums). Formed as a punk band, the material simply grew faster and more extreme until it became the high-speed grind/thrash mutation their extensive discography of EPs, splits and albums reflects, never following current trends nor trying to make it sound technical. In 2008 Welfare Records released a two vinyl compilation (1000 copies) with all their Studio Recordings 1982-1986, a total of forty-five songs which demonstrates the brutal face of the band and not only interesting for all DieHards among you. I recommend a visit to the Left To Starve blog where a little interview with drummer Charlie took place.

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