Wednesday, 18 April 2018

MASSMEDIA - Das Jazz 7'' + EP-EP-EP 1979

YEAH!!it's done, the SGE is in the cup final in Berlin vs fucking FCB and that will be extremely difficult to win. Anyway, next post: Massmedia was a classic punk band from Sundsvall/Västernorrland who recorded their first EP during Christmas 1978 at Torkhold, a bomb shelter @ Västermalms gymnasium which was also used for punk gigs in Sundsvall. In February 1979 they released their first 7Inch on their own label Massproduktion in a print run of 492 numbered copies and is now regarded as a fuckin' collector's item, even before they recorded the first EP Das Jazz/Jag Vill Inget on a memorable night in the damp rehearsal room togehter with Jan Zachrisson from Diestinct and still one of the most untamed Swedish records. The EP-EP-EP 7Inch follows this year and in 1980 comes the compilation EP with Massmedia, Vacum and Förbjudna Ljud called Sundsvallspunk Vol.1 out. After the delays that hit Sundsvallspunk EP & the Vacum EP they discovered the advantages of pressing in Sweden and under a few months a lot of local punk band released their debut slabs on Massproduktion. The last EP Ingen Hets (listen!) and their only full length Sista Ackordet (ca. 800 copies) were also released in 1980. Musically wild, chaotic, rough & pure impact. Classic Stuff!!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

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  1. Thanks to you and Fredrik for this gem.Have a nice weekend