Wednesday, 18 April 2018

C.O.D. - Who Needs The Moon When We Got The Stars? EP 1986

Well, the match is a bit uninspired and before I fall asleep we meet Blacky (vocals), Dieter (bass), Frank (guitars) and Klaus (drums): C.O.D. (no idea what this means) a short-lived combo from Nuremberg and I guess this is their first record, released via Herbe Scherbe in a hand numbered limited edition, with four rough catchy candles which reflect the typical 80s sound. A second EP was recorded, also limited but never heard, maybe anyone can sent it to me? More signs of life are on the Nuremberga In Vertebris ('87) and Lokale Leidenschaften Vol.I ('88) compilations and that's all. If you more interested in music from this region take a look @ FrankenPunk and find your band.


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