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V/A - Rockslaget 3LP 1982

Now a real mammoth release with different styles of music that were pressed on three slabs. Rockslaget is a pointed title for a compilation and what's inside promises much. Released on Sound Of Scandinavia/Rockslaget shows this album a fine overview of rather unknown bands which received an appropriate platform with samplers like this and show their skills to the world, within peppered with famous bands, in this case, Unter Den Linden, Mercy and Overdrive (two successful heavy metal bands which released a few records in the 80s). For me always interesting because often hides some pearls on such records. Here is this Svea Svin, Nyx Negativ and Svea Slakthus and the last track from the Rude Boys. Overall an excellent album with massive music, so pick the ones out which are for you interesting.

1.Medvetandets Gränser - UNTER DEN LINDEN
2.Hämningar - UNTER DEN LINDEN
3.Agera - RUM 237
4.Mannen & Djuret - RUM 237
5.Sista Gången - ABC 80
6.Automatisk Telefonsvarare - ABC 80
7.Den Galna Världen - LANCELOT
8.Pilgrimsfärd - LANVELOT
9.Kärlekens Ögon - SILVIA KIDS
10.Stockholm Är Full Av Vackra - SILVIA KIDS
11.Sömnlösa Nätter - SÄPO
12.Neutronbomb - SÄPO
14.Damnation Angel - OVERDRIVE
15.Tonight - OVERDRIVE
16.State Of Shock - MERCY
17.Love Me Tonight - MERCY
18.Stuck In Drugs - INTERACTION
19.It's Right - INTERACTION
20.Discoråtta - KALLE BOLLTRÄ
21.Reggae Neger - KALLE BOLLTRÄ
22.Vardag - A-BOMBS
23.Jakt - A-BOMBS
24.Endstation - OCEAN
25.Backstage - OCEAN
26.Jag Vill Knulla Med Dej - SVEA SVIN
27.Vi Klarar Oss Ändå - SVEA SVIN
28.Proudness - NYX NEGATIV
30.Josefssons Katt - SNORET RINNER
31.Kriminell - SNORET RINNER
32.Vår Ruttna Värld - SVEA SLAKTHUS
33.Allmän Värnplikt - SVEA SLAKTHUS
34.Repulse - ROMAN HOLIDAY
35.Drömmar - ROMAN HOLIDAY
36.Kalla Kärleken - AVEC L'AMOUR
37.Motivation - AVEC L'AMOUR
38.Rastaland - THE RUDE BOYS
39.Bohmans Barn - THE RUDE BOYS

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

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  1. Thanks to you and Fredrik for these compilations.Enjoy both the weekend