Saturday, 17 March 2018

SURF PUNKS - My Beach 1980

Last one today and actually I wanted to post 'Locals Only' but I can't find it anymore so I'll take the second album by the Surf Punks, a PopPunk band from Malibu. I must confess the Surf Punks are a bit to poppy for me, sure they have punk riffs and it's without doubt a good record but to be honest, they blow me not out of my socks. I don't know but I came not in, it pass me by like a leaky faucet or a stale beer, you know. And by the second hearin' I still find nothing special on it. Maybe this is not my kind of music, too lame and to commercial. Well, I'm sure a few maniacs of you search for this album and now happy that it's available here. Tonight a concert with Klotzs and Panikraum in Excess and I know it will be a long funny evening.


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  1. Actually got to see them play once , one of their members was in a surf contest in Ventura , Ca. and the rest of the band showed up with their equipment and played about a dozen songs . Very energetic and fun band . Then we all went surfing . This was in the mid 80's