Saturday, 3 March 2018

V/A - Destroy Power Not People EP 1995

Fifteen minutes statement by twelve bands and the topic can only be treated aggressive and rough, a different language doesn't understand all these scumbags worldwide. This little piece of wax comes in a six-way fold-out poster sleeve with liner notes and information about the participating bands one side and on the other side a poster, released via Lost And Found Records. Superb record and a must have!

1.Riots In Blood - UNCURBED
2.Headstone - TASTE OF FEAR
3.You Have No Right - DISGUST
4.In The Dirt - COLD WORLD
5.Huominen Tulee - BASTARDS
6.Society - DEAD BEAT
7.Vaihtoehto - KAAOS
8.Same Old Shit - DISRUPT
9.Raka Rör - NO SECURITY
11.Life Of Hate - SIEGE
12.Genocide - HERESY

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